We got back on track with a show that has been a long time coming. Luis travelled to the NYC to interview the wordsmith Tim Hicks from the bangin’ Cornel West Theory. This crew originated from DC so we decided to highlight those artists which Tim put us up on during this interview. We learned quite a bit about the DC scene and are proud to further expose the Hiphop coming out East including bangers from N’digo Rose, Asheru, Oddisee, Diamond District, Kenilworth Katrina and our good homie Prowess the Testament! Enjoy this DC ep and support everything coming out of there except you know who! Extra shout out to Armando F. on this one.



The Cornel West Theory - #weaintblack - 2017

N’digo Rose and Tim Hicks - The Giving (produced by The Dirty Church) - 2017

The Cornel West Theory - Get In (R. B. C.) (produced by Tim Hicks and The Dirty Church) - Watergunz - 2017



Asheru f/ Raheem DeVaughn - Gauteng (dedicated to Johannesburg, South Africa) - Sleepless in Soweto - 2013



The Cornel West Theory - Christopher Martin - The T. A. B. L. E. Too - 2017



Diamond District f/ yU, Oddisee and Uptown XO - First Step (produced by Oddisee) - March on Washington - 2014

Kenilworth Katrina f/ Black Indian and Uptown Shane - I Can Do Anything - 2017



Flex Matthews - Free Man - Hi, I’m Flex Mathews - 2017



Prowess the Testament - Alpha Centauri (produced by Tim Hicks and the Dirty Church) - Right Where I Left It - 2016


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