Feb 4, 2017

Episode 43: The Aftermath


As the dust clears and the light begins to shed on the American landscape- we shake the dust off and bring you our mostest bigly and tremendous episode – The Aftermath. It has been a whirlwind of 140 characters madness, alternative facts and a parade of irrational cabinet picks, so what better way to vent than on the show. From the great big red state of Texas- JC takes some time off from being a “professor” at the Univ of Texas-Austin (@jaycee43public ) and joins us once again to console us, enlighten us and share his collection of aliases for He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Mentioned.


Of course, we bring you some dope Hip Hop curated just for this Ep. So sit back, go through the cycle of emotions with us, play the He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Mentioned Drinking game and try to stay away from “danger!” while we figure out what’s next.


Jan 3, 2017

Episode 42: That’s A Rap 2016


2016 was a mofkr wasn’t it? But you know what, 2016 proved to be another solid year for Hip Hop. We had album after album of heat from the old timers (like us) making a comeback– De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, The Game (well he never really left right?), Common, and Atmosphere.  The lyricists - Kendrick, Ka, Aesop Rock, ElZhi, Homeboy Sandman, and Skyzoo just to name a few. The freshman and the sophomores killed it too Vic Mensa, Domo Genesis, Flat Bush Zombies, Hodgy Beats, Isaiah Rashad, and of course Chance the Rapper. But let us forget not those that make us bob our heads, the Producers- Kaytranada, Knxwledge, L’Orange, Neon Brown, and Apollo Brown (and many more)


But in our humble opinion, the year belonged to one man- grinding for years and now getting his shine- Anderson .Paak  !


We took a minute but we back- so sit back, enjoy and reminisce on 2016 cuz it’s a Rap!



Oct 28, 2016

Episode 41: Coffee and Bullshit


What keeps you more woke than good Hip Hop!? Coffee of course.

So whatbetter combination than the two of them together. Joining us this episode is Coffee Connoisseur and entrepreneur Mathew Torres from the Long Beach CoffeeClub (http://longbeachcoffee.club/) for some Coffee and Bullshitin’ .

Matthew takes some time out of his plans for taking over the world one sip at a time and shares with us his love for Hip Hop and coffee as we bring you tracks from Isaiah Rashad , Kendrick Lamar, Danny Brown, Mac Miller, Anderson Paak, Freeway andJake One, Damian Marley, Blackalicious, Logic and the Neptunes. Matt even shows us that his discerning pallet doesn’t only apply to coffee by schooling us on Surreal& The Sound Providers and Cool Calm Pete.

So we def prove one thing.... We don’t know coffee but we happen to know bullshit


Sep 27, 2016

Episode 40: Forty For Forty


It has been heavy times here at Six in the Morning lately withthe loss of the beloved Radio Raheem (Rest In Glory Big Man!!) BUT also... Rafaturns 40!!!

Getting older is never easy forany one so we show himsupport in our 40 for 40 Episode! As he turns a new leaf,we decided to showcasesome of our older MCs in the game who continue to bangout solid Hip Hop musictoday! Rafa also provides us a touching dedicated set to his son who has flownthe coup and now attending college! Go UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs! 

As always, we feature a thoughtful curated selectionof classic bangers from Public Enemy, Nas and Biggie, newer cuts from veteransAtmosphere, De La Soul, Jay-Z and Masta Ace and the return of South Gate's ownMellow Man Ace!! Some new music from some of our fav new artists too. So let usblow out a candle for Rafa and celebrate his birthday with a dope 40's episode!  


Aug 27, 2016

Episode 39: Summer Heat

Knock, knock? Who's there? Yup, its been a while but we back and we come bearing gifts- an episode of nothing but some good Summer Heat. 

DJ Khaled blessed us with a hell of an album featuring Nas amongst the many.. we got some Rass Kass and the homie Prowess the Testament (who just dropped some new cuts, so look that up). TI, Bishop Lamont and Justus bring consciousness with some window rattling heat and Isiah Rashad, Jean Grae, Jay, Sky Zoo and even Mr. Three Stack -Andre 3000 with Frank Ocean!!

This episode should help you forgive us for lagging.. and we even have a special gues- Christian on the third Mic. So peep game. One. 

Jun 9, 2016

Episode 38: The Food Episode II: Jesus Chuy Tovar


We get hungry often here at Six in the Morning. What better way to have our Episode 38: Food Episode II than by eating bomb food, dessert and great coffee at Primera Taza in Boyle Heights. Co-owner Jesus “Chuy” Tovar, recognized by LA Weekly as one of the cities’Most Interesting People for 2016, invited us over for some beers and had aconvo about great food, both here and his home state of Jalisco, Mexico, his growth as a business owner, and of course Hip Hop! Importantly, his lonches(peep the picture!!!) are becoming a talked about grub item all over LA. He makes these with much love which is why they have plenty of regulars at Primera Taza. We appreciated his hustle and we are honored to share our conversation with you.

We also hit you off withsome BADBADNOTGOOD, Ghostface Killah, Red Pill, Ras G, Talib Kweli and some extra goodies. Enjoy our first on-the-road episode and don’t be surprised if you get hungry after peeping this one!


May 11, 2016

Episode 37: Guardians of Hip Hop - The Space Episode


Greetings Earth People! Have you ever looked out into the vastness of space and felt like Neil Degrasse Tyson battling B.o.B? Yeah, we neither but it sure makes us feel like listening to some good music. Music from the Guardians of Hip Hop- out hustlin and grinding putting out the real. 

This Episode we are fortunate enough to be joined by D.C.'s Prowess The Testament who brings us into her space, takes us through her Hip Hop journey and breaks down her new EP "Air​.​Human| Breath​.​Divine"  If you're not a fan of her music, by the end of the Episode you will def be a fan of this true MC.

Air is a universal power or pure substance. It is a connecting agent of the Earth's atmosphere--a fundamental source of life. It is a trigger of our humanity. 

By contrast, breath (aether) is an unchanging, divine substance found only in the heavens, where it formed celestial spheres. The process of breathing is what transforms the inanimate to the animate. 

Prowess invites the listener to saunter through a collection of stories,reflections, and daydreams exploring principles that make us both human and divine - faith, science, reason, and folklore, all underscored by nostalgic boom-bap soundscapes.



Apr 9, 2016

Episode 36: Spring Is On Point


Its been a minute but we back! Spring is a time to renew and it's with a heavy heart that we back at it for y'all. This episode we pay tribute to one of the greats- Phife Dawg acknowledging his contribution to the world of Hip Hop and the integral role Phife and ATCQ played in our lives, introducing us to an expanded pallet of beats and flows and helping us frame our 90's! 

But just like spring brings new life, we bring y'all some new music! The new music this Spring is on point and there's lost of it. So sit down and soak in the Spring music from Open Mike Eagle, Saga, Blu, Oddisee, Domo Genesis, The Alchemist, Terrace Martin, Prowess the Testament, Yuna, Mr. Freedom, Flatbush Zombies, and more.


Feb 29, 2016

Episode 35: Power Moves

Power Moves- MC's have them, B-Boys and B-Girls do'em, but does Hip Hop make Power Moves?

This episode we are fortunate enough to be joined by renowned Hip Hop Scholar, professor, and author Dr. Halifu Osumare (@hosumare) www.halifuosumare.comDr Osumare takes the third mic and opens up her U.C. Davis African American Studies 181 Hip Hop in Urban America Class to us and leads us with the help of her students in a discussion around community, organizing and the role Hip Hop plays.  

Of course, we lace you with some curated Hip Hop tracks and samples too.So sit back, press play and learn something and join the conversation.  

Much loves goes out the Aggies from AAS 181 and the Good Doc. 

Feb 4, 2016

Episode 34: What Yall Know About Dem Texas Boys


Is Texas truly Trill? Is the Third Coast reppin? This Episode we go diggin in the vault with native Texan Big JC, PHD (Joshua Childs) on the 3rd Mic.  JC tries to convince us that Texas is still Trill. Taking us through Houston, Dallas and El Paso while we stay Tippin and Sittin Sideways.
This episode goes deep- yeah its kinda long- but hey why hit you with a nice intermission a little over the hour mark courtesy of JC.

No boots or Stetsons needed- maybe some grills though. 


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