2016 was a mofkr wasn’t it? But you know what, 2016 proved to be another solid year for Hip Hop. We had album after album of heat from the old timers (like us) making a comeback– De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, The Game (well he never really left right?), Common, and Atmosphere.  The lyricists - Kendrick, Ka, Aesop Rock, ElZhi, Homeboy Sandman, and Skyzoo just to name a few. The freshman and the sophomores killed it too Vic Mensa, Domo Genesis, Flat Bush Zombies, Hodgy Beats, Isaiah Rashad, and of course Chance the Rapper. But let us forget not those that make us bob our heads, the Producers- Kaytranada, Knxwledge, L’Orange, Neon Brown, and Apollo Brown (and many more)


But in our humble opinion, the year belonged to one man- grinding for years and now getting his shine- Anderson .Paak  !


We took a minute but we back- so sit back, enjoy and reminisce on 2016 cuz it’s a Rap!


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